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CV writing and CV updates to assist you with career direction and career coaching in London

Are you looking for the right role to suit your skill set?  Look no further, SR Consults is right here to help.  Using a number of tools and exercises, Sharon takes you on a journey to explore your skills, values, characteristics as well as identifying what is important to you.  Watch your confidence increase as these qualities unfold!
"Brilliant Career Coach!  Sharon was a fantastic help during my career coaching sessions from the start.  She is a professional and reliable coach who went above and beyond in order to encourage and support me with my next career move. I learnt so many things I did not realise about myself.  I highly recommend Sharon as a career coach, I owe the new job to her!" 
Why is career coaching important?

Individuals need goals to work towards.  If we don't have goals, we have nothing to look forward to and could lose out on becoming the person we were meant to be. Reaching your potential is a rewarding achievement and career coaching is one tool that helps you on this journey of success.

To reach your potential you:
  • must be willing to take risks
  • be flexible to learn new things
  • embrace challenges 
  • take on difficult tasks
  • try something totally different
  • be a self-directed learner
  • teach others what you've learnt
  • pick yourself up after falling
  • try again and again

If you need to take on a challenge, look for something new and wish to expand your horizons, look no further, SR Consults is there to guide you all the way.  To book a session please contact Sharon.
Career Coaching Sessions

Your career coaching sessions will include:
  • Introduction to coaching
  • What are your needs?
  • Values
  • Transferable skills
  • Analysis of interests
  • Job families
  • Unique selling point
  • Career anchors and career plan
  • Summary and next steps

In case you need help in choosing a career, finding alternate roles or marking your progression, then this is the ideal development plan for you.  To book a session please contact Sharon.
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