Performance Coaching

 Are you struggling with  your performance, do you  want to progress to the  next Level? 
 If you need to improve your performance at work, or move to the next  level in competence and capability then SR Consults will be able to  help you.  Using feedback to identify skills gaps and exploring  flexibility and self awareness to help bring about engagement and  innovation.

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Performance Coaching

Your coaching sessions will cover:
  • competencies and skills
  • understanding company performance      framework
  • reviewing feedback
  • identifying skills gaps
  • exploring flexibility, self awareness, engagement, innovation
If you'd like help with improving your performance, please contact Sharon to book a session
What is Performance?

can be defined as "the action or process of performing a task or function.” 

How do I know when I'mnot performing?

Ask yourself these questions
  • are you consistently demonstrating behaviours that are aligned to your competency framework?
  • are you reviewing your work to ensure ongoing accuracy of data/ information?
  • are you reliable in delivering to deadlines and managing expectations?
  • are you asking for regular feedback to help you improve the way your work?
  • Are you proactive, seeking out answers before being asked?
  • Are you looking ahead, being commercially aware?
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If you are looking for performance coaching or advice on interviews and interview preparation please call SR Consults on 
07940 452 121
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