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"You engaged with the audience and were one of the best presenters there."

Conducting professional training in London

Whether you require help to improve your presentation skills in front of an audience or are worried about managing your time, you can rely on SR Consults. With her advanced experience, Sharon can use this knowledge to provide you with skills that will enrich your prospects.  Are you challenging your assumptions, thought processes and the status quo?  How are you learning to keep ahead of the game?

Please contact SR Consults to discuss Training course dates.  All training is set up using Eventbrite - delegates will be required to book online to reserve a place.

Choose from bespoke training courses

In today’s increasingly fast-paced, global and digital environment, organisations need to embrace change.  How are you aligned to your business strategic goals?  Are you a role model of what a self-directed learner should be? Are staying ahead of the learning game?  SR Consults can show you how to improve your training skills, conduct better presentations and training with Sharon's bespoke courses. Develop your assertiveness and learn the art of influencing others to make your presentation a success. In addition, Sharon can also help you understand time management and successfully apply it in your everyday life, whilst also managing stress and anxiety. Tell Sharon your requirements and she will be more than happy to provide you with professional training.  Although Sharon's material is CPD accredited or TRACOM certified, SR Consults is not a CPD certification provider, however attendees will receive a certification of attendance.  

Training courses take place at Strawberry Lodge, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 2NQ
If you require a date outside of set dates, SR Consults will be happy to accommodate.
Please call Sharon on 07940 452121 to discuss dates or email
Classroom training adds value

Despite the increasing online training and blended learning trends, it is still imperative to stay open minded about classroom based training.  Some courses thrive in collaborative environments that encourage networking and sharing of ideas and learning from each other. 

Why invest in classroom training?
  • provides "out of the box" thought processes
  • challenges learning assumptions
  • equips individual with new skills
  • unlocks learning potential
  • increases performance - drives the need to succeed
  • empowers ability and increases performance
  • integrates learning in the workplace
  • builds confidence, stretching the mind to learn new things
  • allows for adaptability and flexibility
  • encourages delegates to share and transfer knowledge
  • great platform for discussion forums
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Certified TRACOM SOCIAL STYLES & Versatility Profiles Instructor

SOCIAL STYLE is a model for understanding people's behavioural styles and using this information to interact more effectively with others.  

It is determined by observable "say and do" behaviours that represent a theme or pattern of typical behaviours.  Being able to anticipate behaviour patterns enables you to build relationships more effectively because you work with others in the way they prefer.  

SRConsults is an authorized TRACOM reseller. To learn more about TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE assessments and courses please click here.  
For various TRACOM training courses and webinars please click here.

2-day Training available at Strawberry Lodge, Strawberry Lane, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 2NQ

Action learning groups

Train the Trainer

This course has been designed to teach skills that will increase delegate's confidence and competence to deliver effective training programmes. For more information please click here. One day training available  on Saturdays - please contact SR Consults.

2-day Training  available at Strawberry Lodge, Strawberry Lane, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 2NQ

Please click here to register - please include in comments what training you are requiring and what date. Any questions please call us on 07940 452121.
Action learning groups

Time Management

This training course focuses on how you can manage your time to get more done in less time. Sharon will take you through various topics which will help identify trends / patterns that are negatively impacting your time.  By completing an action plan, you will be able to put actions in place to help you get more out of your time.  For more information, please click here. Training available on Saturdays - please contact SR Consults.

1-day Training available at Strawberry Lodge, Strawberry Lane, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 2NQ

Action learning groups

Productive Conversations

The aim of this course is to show how the various stages in our communication can influence and impact our conversations or meetings.  This course helps to raise awareness around assumptions and behaviour with an overview of how we respond and use body language, tone of voice to communicate.  It will enable you to listen more effectively by applying questioning techniques to get the most out of your conversation.  For more information please click here.

1-day Training available at Strawberry Lodge, Strawberry Lane, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 2NQ

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For bespoke training courses in London, call SR Consults on 
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