SOCIAL STYLES & Versatility Profiles

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SOCIAL STYLES & Versatility Profiles

This model was developed by the TRACOM Group, based on over 50 years of research and is one of the worlds most widely used behavioural profiles. SOCIAL STYLE is easy to use, simple to understand and easy to implement. 
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SOCIAL Style Tip of the day
  SOCIAL STYLES & Versatility Profiles - 2 day workshop (Certified TRACOM instructor)
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Analyticals value facts above all, and may appear uncommunicative, cool and independent. 
Amiables are people-oriented, and care more about close relationships than results or influence. 
Driving styles want to know the estimated outcome of each option. They like to take risks.
Expressives are motivated by recognition, approval and prestige. They tend to appear communicative and approachable. 


The other important element to consider when looking at Social Style is Versatility.

VERSATILITY is one of the three elements that make up the TRACOM Profiles, along with ASSERTIVENESS and RESPONSIVENESS. Versatility is the key to making SOCIAL STYLE work and is the ability to adjust your behaviour in various situations to achieve increased performance. This concept developed by TRACOM, is similar to the popular Emotional Intelligence theories. It is important to remember that versatility is not about changing who you are, it's about meeting the needs of others, more than your own and a desire to genuinely work well with other people.

Flexibility, responsiveness and adaptability are seen as important qualities and versatile individuals make adjustments to their behaviour by determining the SOCIAL STYLES of others and how they would prefer to be communicated with, building positive trust based relationships. By completing a self-assessment or multi-rater assessment instrument, individuals receive low, medium or high Versatility ratings. This score creates a generalisation about how you will handle the tension of interpersonal relationships. Are your actions typically focused on your own comfort level, or are you concerned about the tension your behaviour can create in others? People consider 4 elements when determining an individual's Versatility: Image, Presentation, Competence, Feedback

All delegates will receive a Certificate of Attendance upon completion

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